I was looking for an icon for integrity to use on my upcoming website. I found it easier to think about an image that is the opposite of integrity than to think of one that directly relates to integrity. The image opposite to integrity that came to my mind is one of a two-faced person. In the word picture below of integrity, the word sincere stands out to me the most.



At the end of a day, when I can say that I interacted with someone who showed integrity, I feel hopeful and full of joy. When I’ve interacted with someone who has been two-faced, lied or not shown integrity, I feel darkness and heaviness.

The level of integrity of a managing director, CEO, or manager is usually visible to their employees. Those who work alongside directors, CEO’s or managers know pretty quickly whether their leader lies, covers up, or shows a double face. I think that most leaders and managers want their employees to think positively of them and want to be perceived as ¬†full of integrity. None of us want to be perceived by others as two-faced. We struggle with the reality that sometimes we act toward others insincerely.

If you have been two-faced and insincere toward someone, admit it to yourself first, then if possible admit it to that person. Your reward will be that people will respect you more and be more loyal to you. Try it!


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