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Imagine the refreshment of the monsoon rains after and intense dry season. We see that many leaders and managers in Bangladesh are looking to experience refreshment through confidential, personal and professional support.

Monsoon Leadership Development began its business adventure in Bangladesh in 2014. We aim to personally and professionally support leaders and managers of companies and organizations to move successfully into the future.

We feel a connection between the winds of the monsoon and how forward movement as a leader can be incredibly good when traveling in the right wind stream, and incredibly hard when trying to move against the wind.

We want to help leaders and managers move in the right wind stream. Like the legendary Arab sailor, Sinbad, was said to have reached China on the monsoon winds.


The people of Bangladesh from all social classes and backgrounds prosper through a generation of leaders committed to personal character and professional excellence.


Help emerging leaders of small and medium-sized businesses and NGO’s increase professional excellence and navigate uncertainty through professional coaching, consulting and training.


By congruity between our words and actions, and honesty with clients and stakeholders.


By giving full attention and high quality service to each client and by maintaining high standards within our business processes.


By giving respect to every person as a human being created in love by the Almighty and showing respect in the way we provide services.


By creatively approaching the needs of each client to bring greater success.

Susan Lloyd

Professional Executive Coach

Susan enjoys seeing leaders and managers achieve the results that bring benefit to everyone in a company or organization. Using a coaching approach her clients can realize changes that are needed and take action steps toward greater effectiveness. Through her leadership of a clear process her clients can step well into the future by closing the gaps between knowledge and implementation. Susan received her certification as a professional coach in 2013 from the International Coaching Federation.

Susan is an American with a passion for the whole world. She experiences the world as a large playground, full of diversity and enjoyment. She brings clarity from chaos with dignity and excellence. She has twenty years of international experience, having worked in Cambodia long-term and short-term in South America, Central America, Europe, and other parts of Asia.

What is professional executive coaching?

Professional coaching is a series of conversations that empower the client(s) to move forward successfully in their goals. The goal is self-discovery and generating actions steps to move forward in an area.

Coaching is about learning – rather than teaching. Susan uses coaching techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenging ideas, and always remains supportive. Susan assists you in discovering insights and taking next steps.

Coaching is about action – your action. In each session you will determine 1-3 SMART actions steps you will take before the next session.


• Through a series of conversations we will empower you to move forward successfully toward your goals • We will help you unwind the complexities of your situations so that you can make doable action steps • Uncover new insights that inspire you to move forward with energy
• Assist in creating plans for both the short-term and long-term • Let us help you put your dream into a realistic plan • We can help with Bangladesh style planning by keeping the main aim clear yet being flexible in the short-term steps
• As a leader or manager it feels like you have to make 1 lakh decisions per week. We can help you sort, prioritize, and figure out what inputs are still needed to make the smartest decisions
• Close the gap between a plan and realistic steps to make it happen • Identify and move beyond obstacles that are keeping you from implementing • Assist in implement recommendations from a company, organizational or programme assessment
• Debrief means to carefully review distressing changes and crises • When your thoughts and feelings are jumbled, especially due to a major transition or crisis we can help you get clarity and find meaning through it



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  • Leadership is not something you do to people. It's something you do with people.

    Ken Blanchard From the book: The Heart of a Leader




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